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Dental Bonding

With the help of dental bonding, Dr. Vajdi has the ability to mask, hide, and even correct any visible chips, cracks, and stains that your teeth are showing. Dental bonding can cover the imperfections of your smile by manipulating the shape, color, size, and texture of your teeth so they have the natural and flawless look you wanted. As your cosmetic dentist in Washington DC, Dr. Vajdi strives to give each patient a smile they're happy to share.

Restorative Bonding

This restorative, cosmetic procedure is a faster and less expensive solution than other options like veneers and crowns, which may be the best option for you depending on your overall dental health. This service can be completed in only one visit, giving Dr. Vajdi the opportunity to bring your smile back to life before you return to your daily routine. However, because it doesn't take a long time to perform and its affordability, it doesn't last as long as other restorative options and is less resistant to stains from bad habits like smoking or excessive coffee drinking.

How It's Done

Depending on your dental situation, the bonding can be completed anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes for each tooth. Dr. Vajdi will help determine the shade of your teeth so he's able to create the bonding material (also known as the resin) to match and look as natural as possible. He'll prepare your tooth for the bonding so the material that's being used will adhere easier. Once this is complete, Dr. Vajdi will apply the resin to your tooth and cure it into place. Finally, he'll put the finishing touches on by shaping and polishing the resin to match the rest of your smile and make sure you're comfortable.

We have going to Dr. Vajdi for almost 20 years. He was excellent with our youngest son, who still wants to visit Dr. Vajdi's office for his dental needs when he returns home. He is gentle, but very knowledgeable, bringing the latest in technology to our care, when appropriate. All of the staff at the office are very kind and pleasant, bringing skill to their work from making appointments to teeth cleaning.

- Michele P.

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