Staying Calm and Getting a Root Canal

Staying Calm and Getting a Root Canal

Staying Calm and Getting a Root Canal

While there are many people out there who hear the word “dentist” and immediately start to feel nervous, there are even more people that fear certain procedures. One of those feared procedures is a root canal. Many people who are told that they need a root canal often deny this. They may get so nervous that they avoid the procedure altogether. What is it that people fear about a root canal? For the most part, this is the pain!

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure that is meant to put an end to the pain that the person is feeling. When you look at the tooth, when the root is damaged, it can cause severe pain. This pain can be described as:

- Shooting pain while eating or simply sitting

- The gums will be inflamed in most cases

This pain and infection is something that you must get taken care of. A root canal can put an end to the pain, while also saving the tooth in the process. However, what most people worry about is the pain that is associated with having a root canal.

A Root Canal is Not Painful

Contrary to what people think, a root canal is not painful. Think of this, when you get a filling do you feel the pain that is associated with drilling into the tooth? The answer is no. Why is this? An anesthetic is given to help numb the area before the procedure begins. In most cases:

- A local numbing agent is given around the gum line where the tooth is that is simply a gel rubbed onto the area.

- Once this takes effect, a shot of Novocain is put into the area to allow a dentist to do the work that is needed.

The shot of the numbing agent is often the most painful part for a person. The procedure itself is not something that the person is going to feel. And remember, if your dentist in Washington DC recommends this, we have found that this would benefit you more than leaving the tooth alone.


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