How We Can Help You Get--and Keep--a Beautiful Smile!

How We Can Help You Get--and Keep--a Beautiful Smile!

How We Can Help You Get--and Keep--a Beautiful Smile!

Are you self-conscious about your smile? Concerned your teeth aren’t white enough? Your Washington D.C. dentist can help.

Whitening and Brightening Your Smile

There are multiple ways you—working with your dentist—can solve the problem of yellow or stained teeth. First, you need to make sure you keep your teeth clean. Dull or discolored teeth can be the result of food and drink particulates adhering to the tooth service. So you should always follow good dental hygiene habits of brushing and flossing. Then you also need to come in for dental cleanings regularly, to remove what brushing and flossing alone cannot.

Next, consider dental whitening. If you first try over-the-counter whitening toothpastes or strips you may see a slight improvement, but to make a truly noticeable difference you’ll want a professional dental whitening treatment from your dentist. Often, multiple sessions are recommended for the best results.

Finally, there is the option of dental veneers. A veneer is a covering that is bonded directly onto a tooth. Your dentist can use veneers to give you whiter teeth and more confidence in your smile.

Straightening Your Teeth

But what if the problem with your smile isn’t discoloration of your teeth, but crooked or misaligned teeth? Here again your dentist can help.

Invisalign® or Invisalign Teen® are dentist-applied orthodontics that can make a world of difference in your smile. Talk to your dentist to decide if orthodontics is your best option.

The Bottom Line

When you improve the appearance of your teeth, you’ll feel better about yourself and your smile, so you’ll smile more and project more confidence.

As a result, you’ll be perceived differently. That means you can expect:

- In your work life: More and better job opportunities, a greater chance at promotions and raises, and better interactions with co-workers

- In your personal life: Friends, family members, and certainly romantic and potential romantic interests responding more favorably to you

- In general: People feeling better about you and treating you better

So for a brighter smile, and a more confident and successful you, talk to your Washington D.C. dentist about the teeth whitening and straightening services available. It’s time you looked and felt your best!


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