Drinking Bottled Water and the Effect on Your Teeth

Drinking Bottled Water and the Effect on Your Teeth

Drinking Bottled Water and the Effect on Your Teeth

Many people turn to bottled water as their way to stay hydrated and healthy. What they don’t know is that bottled water could be leading to an increase in tooth decay. Below, your best dentist in Washington DC discusses what patients should know about the potential dental dangers of bottled water.

How Bottled Water Leads to Decay

The water itself isn’t the issue, but more of the lack of what is within the water. Bottled water is missing fluoride which is a natural mineral used to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is easily absorbed by the enamel, especially by children

A lack of fluoridation for the teeth leaves the vulnerable surfaces open to decay. As more people continue to sip on their bottled water, the cavity instances are rising. While it isn’t the only cause, bottled water seems to be a common culprit.

Other Causes of Tooth Decay

Lack of fluoridation is not the only reason people suffer from tooth decay. Here are some other common causes:

• Eating a diet with snack foods, sugary drinks and lack of nutrition.

• Not brushing or flossing teeth regularly.

• Failing to remove all the plaque while cleaning teeth.

Prevention of Tooth Decay

Most tooth decay is preventable. When fluoride is combined with other dental procedures, there is a great likelihood that the patient will not suffer from cavities. Children seem to benefit the most from a combination of fluoride treatments and dental sealants.

To get enough fluoride, you need to ensure that you and your family are drinking fluoridated water. Also, there are some other steps that will help you to get the proper amounts:

• Look for commercially prepared foods or beverages which feature fluoride fortification. There are several water bottlers that offer this.

• Use an ADA-approved fluoride toothpaste. There are also varnishes and gels available to strengthen the enamel.

• Talk to your dentist regarding fluoride supplements in the form of lozenges, drops or tablets. These are intended for use by children from the ages of six months until 16 years who live in areas that don’t provide fluoridated water.

Speak to your best dentist in Washington DC about any other concerns you have regarding the fluoride intake for your family. They are sure to have more solutions and tips to keep your teeth strong. Call out office at (202) 822-3787 to schedule an appointment today.


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