All I Want is a Healthy Smile

All I Want is a Healthy Smile

All I Want is a Healthy Smile

‘All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!’ This was a cute Christmas song written by a Donald Yetter Gardner, a public school music teacher in 1944. The inspiration came from his class of 2nd graders who answered his question of what they wanted for Christmas with a definite lisp. He noted this was due to at least one tooth missing. The words to the song came almost ‘instantly’ – thirty minutes to be exact.

While a lisp in a young child who is both awaiting the coming of Santa and the growth of his or her adult teeth can be cute, a missing tooth or loose fitting dentures for adults is not something any adult would want to sing about. A gap in one’s otherwise pearly whites has the potential to bring loss of social confidence amongst peers and business associates as well as the loss of health in not having the adequate bone that forms the shape of the face and jaw and brings poor digestion of food that is inadequately chewed.

No longer does one need to suffer the emotional pain accompanying lost tooth! With the help of your Washington DC dentist, we can provide our patients with dental implants that can utilize the bone that is still part of the jaw. Not only will you be able to have a full smile, but your overall health will benefit from this treatment, as well. Dental implants allow you to eat all your favorite foods again, chewing more naturally and efficiently. These benefits and more can give you the smile you deserve.

To learn more about our available dental implants, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Vajdi at (202) 822-3787 to schedule your consultation. Same-day Dentistry in DC is available to patients of all ages!


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