We'll Give You A Reason To Smile


On a monthly basis, your Washington D.C. dentist Dr. Vajdi will be compiling blogs in order to health enhance your oral health knowledge outside of his office walls. He hopes that these blogs will help answer patient questions, and shed any light on the "great dental mysteries" you ponder about.

If you have any suggestions for future content, feel free to call us at (202) 822-3787 today! Otherwise, enjoy our blogs below:

February 2018

Drinking Bottled Water and the Effect on Your Teeth

January 2018

Is it Time for Dental Veneers?

December 2017

Best Smile Makeover Options

November 2017

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

October 2017

Six Things You Didn't Know About Your Toothbrush

September 2017

Nutrition Plays a Role in Your Dental Health

August 2017

How to Get a Beautiful Smile

July 2017

Taking Care of Your Teeth During the Summer

June 2017

Staying Calm and Getting a Root Canal
Why Flossing is Important

May 2017

Benefits of Vitamin B on the Teeth and Body

March 2017

All I Want is a Healthy Smile
Which Dental Implant is Best for You?

February 2017

Stop Wearing Fake Retainers and Braces: Here's Why!
How to Know if You Have Bite Problems

January 2017

Relationship Between Teeth Grinding & Sleep Apnea
Benefits of a Dental Cleaning
FAQs About Dental Implants

December 2016

Importance of Invisalign