Which Dental Implant is Best for You?

Which Dental Implant is Best for You?

A tooth can be lost for a number of reasons, such as trauma, poor oral hygiene, and medical diseases like diabetes, a lack of salivary flow, tooth decay, or broken tooth structures. With these accidents and occurrences, patients may feel distraught about having a lackluster smile. Thankfully, Dr. Vajdi offers dental implants in Washington D.C. and has the ability to restore your smile with this restorative procedure!

An artificial tooth (crown), bridge or denture is put in place to replace the lost tooth. To support these artificial structures, Dr. Vajdi places a titanium post which mimics the tooth root and is called an implant. The implant is placed into the bone beneath the gum line evenly alongside the other roots of your teeth. As mentioned, the implant is made up of titanium since titanium is a biocompatible material and is readily accepted by the bone.

When the patient undergoes dental extraction, the bony socket which contained the tooth needs time to heal. It takes around three months for the socket to become supple with an adequate blood supply. Depending on the quality of bone and the type of extraction, it is generally advisable to get an implant after five to six months of extraction. The current success rates of dental implants are high and, once successfully placed, it can last a lifetime!

Unfortunately, the bone has a tendency of losing its strength and firmness, but dental implants help to preserve and stimulate natural bone growth. The American Dental Association has approved two types of dental implants that are safe, which are;

• ENDOSTEAL IMPLANTS - being the most commonly used implants, which are placed into the jawbone as a screw, cylinder or plates.

• SUBPERIOSTEAL IMPLANTS - often with age, the jawbone becomes shallow, so in these cases, the implants are placed on or above the jaw bone.

The dental implants, which serve as an 'artificial tooth root,' come in different sizes and heights and it is decided by the dentist which implant to use depending on the assessment of the patient.

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