Stop Wearing Fake Retainers and Braces: Here’s Why!

Stop Wearing Fake Retainers and Braces: Here’s Why!

Children who are required by their dentists to wear braces and other orthodontic devices usually feel excited as the scheduled removal comes closer. However, recent news that came out shows a popular fad has turned into potential dental danger as teenagers are wearing fake retainers and braces.

Dr. Vajdi, your best dentist in Washington DC, wants to share all of the dangers of wearing fake or do-it-yourself retainers and braces since they put your smile in a scary position - literally!

• Why are young people enticed to wear fake retainers and braces?

Retainers and braces have become a fashion fad. It has been considered as a symbol of status, wealth, and style. It makes young people resort to wearing fake oral accessories. These are do-it-yourself braces without needing the expertise of a dentist. With fake retainers and braces, there are various colors and designs where you can choose from.

• What are the usual bad effects of wearing fake retainers and braces?

Wearing fake retainers and braces poses a number of serious health concerns. Fake retainers and braces aren't made of the protective and safe material that professionals use, which can turn into scraps, cuts, and damage on the inside of your mouth. It can also contribute to the soreness of the gums which can lead to more serious problems over time.

• How do these fake retainers and braces get sold?

There are blogs and websites that sell fake fashion retainers and braces. These braces can be purchased online.

Not everything that you see as trendy and cool is good for your health. Consult a specialist first before putting on any dental accessory. Call Dr. Vajdi, the best dentist in Washington DC today, at (202) 822-3787.


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